Teaching Art

For adults.

Whether in a group or one on one, I aim to help each person develop their individual style, pursue their interests and personal goals.

In one to one sessions students will benefit from directed and personalised tutorials designed as a quick start or assistance for
independent study.

In groups, students benefit from a friendly exchange with like - minded individuals. They can gain mutual support and help each other with objective assessment. Experience has shown that development in a group encourages diversity of approach.

I demonstrate practical methods for beginners so that they become equipped with the basic knowledge of using materials, equipment and techniques.

Demonstrations for advanced students are intended to activate and inspire, by presenting a variety of approaches.

For children.

Art sessions for children on a one to one basis or in a group are designed according to age, taking into consideration the individual or group attention span.

A spontaneous topic request may take priority over a planned topic.
I aim to present an enjoyable, creative and positive experience for children of all ages.

Teaching Picture Framing

I teach picture framing with the UK School of Framing.
The sessions are day length workshops in a fully equipped training room.
There are a maximum of ten students.

We use the term ‘to train’ because a set of industry standard methods is presented via demonstration. The students carry out each procedure with one to one assistance according to individual need.
The end of each course completes a project.

Art work by A. Linnette Bell

Natural Art Paintings