LinetteBell About the Artist.

I graduated from the Manchester School of Art 1979-81 with an Honorary Batchelor of Arts degree.

I studied drawing, form and movement firstly from my father who was a draftsman and portrait artist and in later years with Sam Rabin who in his turn studied with Charles Despiau a student and associate of the master sculptor Auguste Rodin.

A lot of my work consists of experimental drawing and painting using traditional and modern materials that are chosen for their low impact on the users health and environment.

Drawing and the development of observation and are of central importance in my work.

Because I have been actively marketing my own work for over 30 years, there are now between 200 & 300 private collections of my paintings, drawings, sculptures and bespoke picture frames worldwide.

I am a qualified tutor and have taught painting and drawing for over 15 years.

Exhibitions of my work include London, Paris and Dallas, USA.

Artwork media includes oils, acrylic, ink, charcoal, and pastels on hand made paper, hemp, linen and cotton canvas.

In 2004, I designed and ran the very first picture framing courses for DIY and continue to be an instructor at their UK School of Framing based in High Wycombe.

Bespoke Picture Framing includes all types of picture framing, specializing in 3D box frames, hand gilding & paint finishes. I am a Fine Art Trade Guild Commended Framer.

Art work by A. Linnette Bell

Natural Art Paintings